RTK precision machine control: high ROI for broad-acre and row crops.

RTK technology gives growers the edge they need to compete in today’s volatile Ag markets.
No longer just applicable in high-value crop operations, RTK precision machine control provides a high return on investment for producers of both broad-acre and row crops.

With the rising cost of fuel, seed, fertilizer and other crop inputs, accurate field traffic control and repeatability is essential to all aspects of the crop-cycle including field preparation, planting & seeding, fertilizer/insecticide application and harvest. It’s proven – fields worked, planted, sprayed and harvested with precision Ag techniques deliver more profit than fields that aren’t.

Accuracy | Repeatability

RTK offers two primary benefits over standard satellite based correction services:
Sub-Inch Accuracy: Pass-to-pass and repeat accuracy of +/- 1 inch.
Repeatability: Return to the same tramlines or coordinates of any field, at any point in time.

Minimize Inputs | Maximize Yields

RTK minimizes fuel, seed, fertilizer, and chemical usage by eliminating costly overlap. When RTK is utilized in strip till applications where seed is strategically placed over fertilizer, yields are maximized. With the ability to use the same tramlines over and over again, RTK significantly reduces soil compaction, which boosts yields as well. Not only does RTK technology generate accurate topography maps for land leveling and drainage tasks, it also streamlines the survey, design and grading processes used in those applications.

Increase Productivity | Enhance Safety

Outside of inputs and yields, the auto-steer capabilities provided by RTK enable growers to extend working days without sacrificing quality or operator safety. Operators using auto-steer are able to focus more on the implement, ensuring it’s properly engaged and fully functional. More acres can be covered in less time, with less stress & fatigue – a critical factor when erratic weather patterns create narrow planting and harvest windows. Whether you’re lifting beets, digging potatoes or harvesting wheat – you can maintain consistent speeds in varying conditions without compromising the crop.

Signal Type Pass-to-Pass Accuracy Unlimited Repeatability
DGPS/WASS (John Deere/Trimble) +/- 13 in.
OmniSTAR XP (Trimble) +/-3-5 in
OmniSTAR HP (Trimble) +/-2-4 in.
SFI (John Deere) +/- 10 in.
SF2 (John Deere) +/- 4 in.
RTK (John Deere/Trimble) +/- 1 in.