What Customers Have to Say About Our RTK Technology

John Deere tractor in a field utilizing gps

" Rural Tower Network and the RTK guidance system has exceeded our expectations. As we get more comfortable with using the system, we keep learning more ways to adapt the technology for our advantage. The repeatability function is amazing. We look forward to cutting our fertilizer bill in half by utilizing strip-tillage on our corn acres. "

MZ Farms

Buffalo, ND

" I used RTK this fall for the first time (strip till) and thought it was easy to use, reliable and when we checked we were 30″ on center over the entire field. It worked well around sloughs and rock piles. "

John Heley

Lidgerwood, ND

" We have used both a Base Station and the Rural Tower for our RTK Signal. We found using the network convenient because we eliminated the need for moving and setting up portable base stations. We are very happy with the strength and dependability of the signal we are receiving with our Trimble equipment and the Rural Tower Network. The Rural Tower Network has made the move to automated guidance very easy. "

Mike Aigner

Wolverton, MN

" The signal we receive from Rural Tower Network is far better than services we’ve used in the past. With the RTK signal we always have at least one ground station within six miles. On top of that, the signal is more accurate than standard satellite signal. With satellite, it could take half an hour to connect and if you lost signal it would be another half hour to reconnect. RTK signal is acquired in less than a minute and it doesn’t waver. "

Dan Hendrickson

Colfax, ND

" RTK has been critical in our farming operation. This spring especially, it’s really helped us with water management in our fields. We’ve been able to get the water out of our fields quickly so we can get in there and get stuff done. "

Tyler Solem

Oslo, MN

" We’ve been using Rural Tower Network as our RTK service provider for the last four years. The RTK’s sub-inch accuracy alone has made the initial investment worthwhile. The signal we receive is very accurate, that’s huge for us. "

Marc Hasbargen

Breckenridge, MN

" We have been on the RTN network for 10 years. The sub inch accuracy and repeatability gives us the confidence to move quickly from field to field. No matter if we are planting, spraying, harvesting or ditching. This is very important to us. With the number of systems we have it makes the yearly subscriptions very reasonable. These factors along with the network dependability, it makes for a sound investment for our operation. "

Jeff Erbes

Erbes Farms

" I really enjoy the accuracy and repeatability of using RTK and Rural Tower Network. We have great coverage across our farm. At times we get close to a shelter belt, we have lost signal, but I am impressed with how quickly we can regain signal once the tower is in sight. We were using Omnistar before and the lag time to regain signal was frustrating. I farm in the Red River Valley and our fields have only a slight slope from one end to the other. I use the RTN network for surface drainage and love the ability it gives me to drain my field. It has saved a lot of time and the value of the systems has paid for itself. I also use the RTN for implement guidance as well as I raise potatoes and wanted to implement to stay on top of the ridge. It does a great job at that. "

Ross Pape

East Grand Forks, MN