Rural Tower Network offers unmatched signal integrity and reliability

Rural Tower Network truck by tower closeup

It’s easy to see how RTK can bring more value to your farming operation – and it’s just as easy to how the Rural Tower Network will help you capitalize on that value.


  • Rural Tower Network offers unmatched signal integrity and reliability, with quick initialization times for on-the-go precision.
  • Backed by a team of dedicated service technicians, the entire network is routinely maintained and updated – downtime is virtually eliminated and technology is up-to-the-minute.


  • Operator-owned base stations are expensive and require updates to keep the units equipped with the latest technology. With a subscription to the Rural Tower Network, you never have to worry about servicing or upgrading the base stations.
  • Moving base stations from field to field can be a time-intensive task. Lengthy set-up and initialization times that cut into productivity are eliminated with the Rural Tower Network.


  • By capping the subscription fee at two receivers — regardless of the number actually used in the fleet — Rural Tower Network provides affordable RTK technology across the entire crop cycle. Some satellite guidance services charge per receiver.
  • Today’s farms often span county, even state lines. Rural Tower Network subscribers are given access to the entire tower network, making it easy to access RTK signal from every tillable acre, no matter where it’s located.