Spring 2014 Activities: UPDATE - Rural Tower Network

Rural Tower Network will continue with expansions and improvements to it’s RTK signal network for the coming 2014 growing season. As the spring planting season approaches, crews have begun to work on multiple locations in South Dakota and West Central Minnesota.

Here’s a look at some of the projects:
UPDATED: 4/23/14
-A new tower location is now operational in Sisseton, South Dakota.
-Construction has been completed at two locations near the Aberdeen SD area to improve signal coverage. The Stratford and Claremont towers are now operational.
-The addition of a tower location near Clark, SD is now operational.
-New coverage consisting of three tower locations near Platte South Dakota has been completed. The Platte North, Platte South and Lake Andes Towers are now operational.
-The installation of equipment has begun for the addition of 5 locations in the Browns Valley, Herman, Morris, and Ortonville Minnesota areas. These sites will be in operation soon.

UPDATED: 5/21/14

All newly expanded sites are now operational.


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