Jamestown Project Completed - Rural Tower Network

-Nov. 6th, the Edmunds Tower location has been completed. This completes a 9 tower construction project referred to as the Jamestown Project. Rural Tower Network operates 108 tower locations in 3 states, providing RTK GPS signal to 19.7 million acres of farmland.

-As of Oct. 10th, The Jamestown North site has been completed and the Edmunds site will begin construction in Mid-October. All other sites included in this project have been completed and are operational.

-As of Sept. 7th, RTN continues to bring towers, involved with the Jamestown Project, on-line. The Sanborn, Spiritwood and Round Top (Buchanan West) Towers are now operational. Seven of the nine tower locations involved with this project are now in use. Completion of the Jamestown Project should conclude over the coarse of the next month with the addition of the Jamestown North and Edmunds towers.

-As of Aug 24th, RTN has added to the list of Jamestown area towers that are operational. Operational towers include: Hannaford, Courtenay North plus Leal, and Eldridge. The Sanborn and Spiritwood locations have on-going electrical work which should be complete sometime next week.

-As of August 15th, RTN has erected 6 of the 9 towers involved with the Jamestown project. The Hannaford and Courtney North towers are operational. The Leal, Sanborn, Spiritwood, and Eldridge sites only need scheduled electrical work to be completed. The other 3 tower locations are progressing and will take shape in the near future to complete this phase of expansion.


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